About Us

We create cutting edge tools for data-driven decision making to help your Organization achieve goals and targets.

Our Purpose
Our purpose is to unleash data’s potential within organizations, enabling them to cultivate a data driven culture which improves product and service innovation.
Our Mission
Our mission is to harness the full potential of data within organizations facilitating swift and informed decision-making by elevating the simplicity of knowledge acquisition to extraordinary levels.
Our Vision
Our vision is to stand at the forefront as a globally recognized leader, offering ingenious smart and self-learning modular applications that seamlessly caters to businesses of all sizes, types and models. 
The start of our journey
Everyone has a story. This is ours

Prior to establishing Eagna, we collaborated for over a decade within a multinational corporation, navigating the ebbs and flows inherent to the corporate realm. Driven by our mutual passion for cutting-edge technology and an unwavering dedication to excellence, we took the decision to create something distinct, culminating in the foundation of Eagna in 2021.

Over the past years, a recurring challenge caught our attention — the struggle numerous organizations faced in terms of data accessibility, be it at their workplaces, conferences, exhibitions, or general meetings. This issue consistently persisted. While individuals enjoyed broader and more seamless access to data in their personal lives, their professional environments were characterized by registers, spreadsheets, or numerical figures. This discrepancy significantly impacted their mood, work performance, and overall efficiency.

Leveraging our extensive experience, we developed expertise in data management, delving into intricate aspects such as Export Control, Rating, and Access Control List. Armed with this knowledge and recognizing the market demand, we embarked on the journey of Eagna with a singular objective: to tackle this prevalent problem.

In essence, our journey from prior corporate experiences to the establishment of Eagna was fueled by the aspiration to provide solutions to these challenges.

Meet the Team
Unveiling the Team that Turns Ideas into Reality!
Randy Tolentino
Sr. Software Engineer

Randy Tolentino

Geethanjali S
UI/UX Designer

Geethanjali S

Andrea Scholz
Finance Manager

Andrea Scholz

Andreas Pelz
Co-Founder & CEO

Andreas Pelz

Hugh Kavanagh

Hugh Kavanagh

Vignesh Maruthapillai
Co-Founder & CTO

Vignesh Maruthapillai

Our Office
We pride ourselves in creating a culture that empowers you to do your best work - part of that is our office. We are located in Berlin, Germany.
Please drop us an email at [email protected] if you would like to know more about us.
Eagna GmbH
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