CRM Features
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Customers First: Effortless Customer and Company Management in CRM

360-Degree View

This feature provides a comprehensive and consolidated view of each contact, including their contact information, communication history, purchase history, interactions with the company across various channels, and any other relevant data. This holistic view allows teams to better understand the customer's journey.


Integration capabilities ensure that contact information and interactions are consistently up to date across all systems. This feature enables seamless connections with other business tools and software such as email clients, calendar applications, marketing automation platforms, and customer support systems.

Communication History

Logs all interactions and communications with the contact, such as emails, phone calls, meetings, and notes. This history helps teams understand the context of their conversations and maintain a record of customer interactions.

Automation and Workflow

Automation features, such as automated follow-up reminders, lead assignment rules, and workflow automation, enhances the efficiency and ensures that contacts receive timely responses and personalized communications.

Data Enrichment

Automatically updates contact records with additional information, such as social media profiles, company details, or recent news mentions. This helps sales and marketing teams better understand and engage with contacts.


Allows users to create segments or lists based on various criteria, such as demographics, behavior, or engagement level. Segmentation is essential for targeted marketing campaigns and personalized outreach.

Multi-Channel Support

In today's multi-channel environment, enables businesses to manage contacts across various communication channels, including email, social media, live chat, and phone calls.

Analytics and Reporting

Robust analytics and reporting capabilities provide insights into contact engagement, conversion rates, and the overall performance of marketing and sales efforts. Customizable dashboards and reporting tools are valuable for data-driven decision-making.

Security and Compliance

Ensuring the security and compliance of contact data, particularly with regard to data protection regulations like GDPR or HIPAA. We offer features like access controls and data encryption to protect sensitive information.


Scale and handle an increasing volume of contacts and interactions without performance issues.


Close Deals with Confidence: Streamline Sales Processes!

Lead and opportunity tracking

Lead and Opportunity Tracking allows sales teams to track and manage leads and opportunities through the sales pipeline. It enables them to qualify leads, assign tasks, set reminders, and monitor progress as prospects move closer to becoming customers. This feature facilitates efficient sales pipeline management and ensures no potential opportunities are missed.

Quote and Proposal Generation

Quote and Proposal Generation enables sales representatives to create and manage quotes and proposals for potential customers. Sales teams can generate customized quotes based on products, services, pricing, and discounts, streamlining the sales process and providing customers with personalized offers.


Sales Forecasting empowers businesses to predict future sales revenue based on historical data, ongoing deals, and other factors. By forecasting sales, businesses can set realistic sales targets, allocate resources effectively, and make informed business decisions to drive growth.

Reporting and Analytics

Enabling businesses to gain insights into sales performance, team productivity, conversion rates, and other key metrics, allowing them to identify strengths and areas for improvement.

Order Processing

Facilitates the efficient processing of customer orders. Once an order is confirmed, the system can automatically generate invoices and send order confirmation notifications to customers. This streamlines the order fulfillment process and enhances customer satisfaction.

Contract Management

Allows businesses to manage contracts with customers, including tracking contract terms, renewal dates, and important milestones. This ensures that all parties adhere to the agreed-upon terms, minimizing disputes and providing better contract visibility.

Automated Workflows

Streamline Sales and Order Management in CRM by triggering actions based on predefined criteria. This can include sending follow-up emails, assigning tasks, updating statuses, or any other automated actions that optimize the sales process and improve efficiency.

Performance Tracking

Enable businesses to track individual sales team members` performance. This feature helps identify top performers and areas where additional training or support may be required to enhance overall sales productivity.

Customer Communication History

Keeping a record of all communications with customers related to sales and orders, including emails, calls, and other interactions, provides a holistic view of customer interactions. This information helps sales teams understand customer preferences, concerns, and histories, leading to more personalized and effective communication.

Notifications and Reminders

Automated notifications and reminders for follow-ups, missing payments, late payments, or specific milestones concerning contacts improve communication and ensure that important tasks and deadlines are not missed.

Notes and Attachments

This feature allows users to add notes or upload attachments related to specific contacts. This is useful for storing additional context, details of past conversations, or relevant documents. With AI processing of uploaded files, the CRM system can generate more value for search and analysis.


Expense Management Made Easy: Control and Monitor Costs!

Expense Reporting

enables employees to submit detailed expense reports, including business-related expenses, along with receipts and supporting documents. This streamlines the process of recording expenses and ensures proper documentation.

Approval Workflows

System can be configured for expense reports to go through approval processes. This ensures that expenses are valid and within budget limits before reimbursement, maintaining financial control and preventing unauthorized expenditures.

Multi-Currency Support

For organizations operating globally, Multi-Currency Support ensures accurate reporting and conversion of expenses incurred in different currencies. This feature facilitates seamless expense management in multinational environments.

Audit Trail

Enabling business to track all changes and approvals made to expense reports. It enhances transparency and accountability by providing a chronological record of actions taken on each expense report.

Expense Analytics

Insights into spending patterns, enabling businesses to identify cost-saving opportunities and manage budgets effectively.

Allocation by Projects

The system allows users to add expenses per project, allowing businesses to track and allocate expenses to specific projects. This feature aids in project budgeting and expense attribution, supporting project management and cost tracking.


Financial Precision: Seamless Integration of CRM and Accounting!

Accounting Standards

System supports the customization of `Accounting standards` and allows for the allocation of `booking codes.` This enables the direct association of expenses or orders with specific booking codes when they are created.

Fiscal & Business Year

This feature allows users to set up the organization`s fiscal and business years for taxation purposes. By defining fiscal years, the organization aligns its financial reporting and taxation periods, ensuring accurate tax calculations and compliance with fiscal regulations.


Tax Management empowers users to manage the different types of taxes applicable to the organization. Users can configure and customize tax rates, rules, and thresholds for various tax categories, streamlining the tax calculation process and facilitating accurate financial reporting.

Currency & exchange

With Currency & Exchange management, users can manage different currencies and their conversion rates. This feature is essential for organizations dealing with international transactions, enabling them to convert financial figures accurately into their base currency and facilitating multi-currency accounting and reporting.


Empower Product Success: Effectively Manage Product Information!

Item Catalog Management

System provides a centralized product catalog where all product information is stored. This includes product names, descriptions, images, categories, and other attributes. The catalog allows easy access to product details and ensures consistency in data across the organization.

Barcode and QR Code Integration

Integrating barcode or QR code functionality allows for efficient product identification and tracking. This simplifies inventory management processes, such as stocktaking and order fulfillment, by scanning codes to update product data and quantities.

Reporting & Analytics

System offers Analytics and Reporting features to provide insights into product performance and inventory trends. Key reports might include sales reports, inventory turnover, low stock alerts, and supplier performance. These insights help in making informed business decisions and optimizing inventory levels.


Extend Reach and Access: Empower Interactive Customer Portals!

Customer Portals

Customer, Supplier, and Partner portals, empowering businesses to share information and collaborate with their customers, suppliers, and partners through dedicated online portals.


This feature allows businesses to showcase their product and service catalogs, enabling them to display their offerings to customers, suppliers, and partners.


Efficiency Amplified: Automate Workflows with CRM!


Customer, Supplier, and Partner portals, empowering businesses to share information and collaborate with their customers, suppliers, and partners through dedicated online portals.


This feature allows businesses to showcase their product and service catalogs, enabling them to display their offerings to customers, suppliers, and partners.

Data Import & Export Piplelines

This feature allows businesses to showcase their product and service catalogs, enabling them to display their offerings to customers, suppliers, and partners.


Project Management Perfected: Unite CRM and Project Processes!

Project Management

Streamline collaboration, enhance productivity, and boost project success rates. You can centralize project data, assign tasks, monitor progress, allocate resources, and ensure alignment with customer needs. Gain a holistic view of your projects within the CRM environment, facilitating efficient communication and decision-making across teams.

Task Management

Efficiently manage tasks to boost productivity and stay organized. You can create, assign, and track tasks for your team, set due dates, and prioritize work. Ensure that important follow-ups, appointments, and customer interactions are never missed. Streamline workflow, collaborate seamlessly.

Activity Management

With integrated activity management, you can effortlessly plan, schedule, and track all customer-related activities. From calls and meetings to emails and follow-ups, keep everything organized in one central hub. Gain real-time visibility into your team's activities, enhance collaboration, and ensure that every customer interaction is well-coordinated.