Framework Features
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Seamless Organization Setup Made Easy!


Manage your organization with ease. Configure and customize from branding colours to tax rates for each of your organizations

User Management

Define roles, groups and permission levels to ensure data integrity and security. Implement role based access.

Department & Teams Management

Create departments and teams for your organization and manage your company hierarchy.

Scope & Permission

Configure which user/organization/role/group/type has access to which information. This enables you to govern critical data across your organization with ease.

Activity Logs

At any point, you would have the transparency and access to understand the activity trail of a given topic.


Branding feature that allows businesses to customize the look and feel of the application which enables to the personalize it to match their own branding and visual identity.

Export Control Rating

Setup rating against data for additional security when shared across countries.

Export Control Licenses

Enables users to manage and administer Export Control Licenses which are required for exporting certain goods and technologies to other countries and are subject to strict regulations. With this feature, users can handle the process of applying for, issuing, tracking and updating these licenses to ensure compliance with export laws and regulations.


Break Barriers with Global Reach: Localize Effortlessly!


1. The feature allows users to manage the languages available across the application. It enables multilingual support, allowing users to access and interact with the application in their preferred language, enhancing user experience and enabling a broader user base.


2. Translation functionality enables users to customize and manage translations for the application’s content. Organizations can provide accurate translations for various languages ensuring that the application’s content remains accessible and user-friendly for diverse audience.


Empower Collaboration: Communicate with Clarity!

Email templates

Allows users to create and edit standardized email templates for all applications and modules. This streamlines communication with customers, supplies and team members by ensuring consistent and professional email correspondence across the application.

Document Templates

Allows users to configure the appearance and layout of document templates for all applications. By customizing the design of documents such as invoices, reports or certificates, the organization can maintain a consistent brand identity and ensure professional and uniform document generation.


Enables users to set up reminder mechanism for all applications, including custom rules and automation. Users can define triggers and conditions for automated reminders ensuring timely follow-ups, task deadlines or important events leading to enhanced productivity and adherence to deadlines.


Provides real-time, live updates and alerts within the application. This ensures that users are informed about critical events, updates or actions relevant to their tasks and responsibilities promoting efficient communication and enabling timely responses.

Import & export

Seamless Data Flows: Import and Export with Ease!


Allows users to manage the different types of import files and their templates. Users can define templates for specific data formats and map the data from import files to the application’s data structure. Additionally, the feature includes a monitoring component that enables users to track the queue of import tasks, providing insights into the progress and status of ongoing imports.


Empowers users to manage export templates which defines format and structure of data for export purposes. Users can schedule exports to run at specific times ensuring automated and timely data extractions. The ability to manage export templates and schedules streamlines data sharing and reporting processes enabling users to efficiently distribute data to external systems and stakeholders.

File Management

Organize, Store, and Access: Simplify File Management!

Store files

File management is centralized, the document goes through machine learning pipeline for model knowledge.


Empower Personalized Experiences: Tailor Your User Interface!

Provision URI for MFA

Enables users to provision URIs (Uniform Resource Identifiers) for Multi-Factor Authentication. Users can set up MFA using OTP (One-Time Password) for enhanced security. When required, the application prompts users to provide an OTP to authenticate their identity, adding an extra layer of protection to their accounts.


Allows users to manage their personal preferences and customize the look and feel of application according to their needs. Users can adjust settings such as theme, layout, language and other personalized configurations enhancing their overall user experience.


Users can choose and manage the type of notifications they wish to receive from the application’s catalogue. Users can subscribe to specific categories or topics of interests ensuring that they receive relevant and targeted notifications.

Activity Logs

Provides users with a comprehensive overview of their activities within the application’s framework. This feature presents a log of actions performed by the user including tasks completed, documents accessed and any other interactions aiding in user tracking and activity analysis.

Audit Logs

Displays a list of electronically signed documents approved by the user. This feature helps users track their digital signatures and provides a historical record of documents that user has signed ensuring transparency and accountability for document approvals.


Allows users to manage their sessions across multiple machines. This feature provides control over active sessions, allowing users to view and terminate sessions from various devices. This helps enhance account security and prevent unauthorized access to the user’s account.